Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

  • A minimum of two reviewers are involved per paper.
  • The time taken between starting the review process and receiving the final version from the  authors (after including reviewer’s comments) varies between 4 weeks to 12 weeks.
  • If the papers are not according to the recommended format, they will be sent back to the authors with a request to resubmit based on the specified guidelines.
  • It is a double-blind process.
  • The final decision is decided by the two Editors-in-Chief, if both reviewers have accepted the paper.
  • Two editors will make sure that authors have addressed all points raised by the reviewer.
  • Of the two reviewers, if one is accepted and other one is rejected, then we to go to a third reviewer. In such cases the decision is taken jointly with the members of the editorial board.
  • If some difficulties arose, we may consult the International Editorial Advisor Board.

Section Policies

Original Articles

  • Open Submissions
  • Indexed
  • Peer Reviewed

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